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Various Subjects (Untitled) by Kaine

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Rachel (top) Locke (middle) Celes (bottom)

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FF6: Celes
FF6: Locke
FF6: Rachel
Untitled by Kaine
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Death PenaltyComment 1: 2012-09-02 04:25
Death Penalty I've been scrolling through some FFVI fanart tonight and noticed this one - I really like it. The portraits are done well yet simply, with the simple addition of roses; the overall effect, with the inclusion of the game's name, made me think of what the Playbill would look like were FFVI a musical, at least a musical of the story as told from Locke's perspective. Given the importance of the Opera to Locke and Celes, the Playbill appearance is rather fitting (operas, musicals, close enough!). Not sure if you had any of that in mind, but great work regardless!
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