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Ajora (Untitled) by Julie Zhou

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You know, I have never seen any other fanarts of St. Ajora from ff tactics. I tried looking on the net for reference pics, but there was absolutely ZIP to find--no screenshots, no official pictures, no nothing--forcing me to turn on my Playstation and actually having to play through the last battle again. Cute ff tactics sprites are not easy to interpret, I tell ye, but I *think* this is more or less what she looks like (in the first battle phase, that is. I wasn't about to CG the ugly hag-thing she becomes in the second phase, even though it would probably have been more fitting for a morbid picture.)

Anyways... not much to say about this picture, except I really don't like how the wings turned out. The shading is entirely off. >_< Actually, I think the shading is off on the entire picture due to the sunset in the background, but whatever. And that mask thing with horns isn't anything specific from the game. Just some random hell creature from my imagination.

Oh yes. And that is an ocean of blood. Not water.

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FFT: Ajora
Untitled by Julie Zhou
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Dragoon LanceComment 1: 2017-02-01 07:02
Dragoon Lance That's really awesome! Love the colour.
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