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"Lunarian Dark Knight" by Kame

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I had an urge that just had to come out. It wasn't necessarily this idea, but something had to be produced. Cecil is supposed to be really scary or freaky looking in this pic, and I think I achieved it with his overall look: Lunarian skin tone (purple-ish), odd colored green eyes, black armor and what a coif. His hair in particular came to me when I thought back to the series Lexx (which, oddly enough, I never watched) and a character on there who was a walking dead guy with weird hair. The positioning was very planned. I wanted to make it uncomfortable looking as possible while still (relatively) sticking to proper anatomical structure.

Painting in minature (for me that is); About four inches high by about three inches wide. That's why my signature is so big ^^

Media: black ink, Windsor Newton watercolours, pencil

Cecil Harvey (Cecil Ya) - Final Fantasy IV

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FF4: Cecil
Lunarian Dark Knight by Kame
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Media Used Creation Date Licensing
Watercolor, ink, pencil 2008-01-02 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


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