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"Vector Sunset" by Aora

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Having been invited by r51 to resubmit some old fanart for the site, I went to dig up my old art. I had a look, and was -horrified- so... I drew up something new quickly.

Considering my first submission ever at CoN was a picture of Celes posing with a sword in front of a Vector screenshot from the game, I thought I'd go with a similar theme. Hope you all enjoy. :)

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FF6: Celes
Vector Sunset by Aora
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Photoshop CS 2008-06-01 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


ManoftyrComment 1: 2008-10-23 06:23
Manoftyr Excellent, I love this rendition of Celes.

Too few artists capture her properly, they make either too muscular/manly or go the other extreme and make her too petite.

You have captured that rare perfect balance of femininity and hardened soldier that is integral to the portrayal of Celes.

Kudos and good job.
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