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"Ashe" by anadiachan

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Sheesh I've been working on this for ages. I want to redraw all of my old Final Fantasy drawings, so I decided it was time for Ashe. I finally found a few hours between the two jobs that I work to finish this. I want to make sure that I draw at least one portrait each month this year.

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FF12: Ashe
Ashe by anadiachan
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Graphite Pencil 2015-01-31 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


Elena99Comment 1: 2017-09-23 16:48
Elena99 I think it's very beautifully done, but the position of her finger on her nose looks awkward. I know that it's the exact pose that she's in in the Square Enix art work, but it still just looks... well, sort of like she might pick her nose. I would love to see another piece of yours with her in a different pose.
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