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"Final Fantasy: Villains" by Ryuuza

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Villains from each of the numbered Final Fantasy games so far - and Tactics, just because. X)
It was originally going to be a 25th anniversary thing, but life got in the way and the first version was... not good. So I started it from scratch and added the hooded guy from the FFXV trailers so it wouldn't be out of date in a year's time.
From top to bottom and left to right:
FFVII - Safer/ Seraph Sephiroth
FFXI - Shadow Lord
Tactics - Wiegraf, FFXIV - Gaius, FFXV - as yet unnamed hooded guy, FFIII - Cloud of Darkness
FFXII - Vayne, FFV - Ex-Death
FFVIII - Ultimecia
FFXIII - Cid Raines, FFVI - Kefka, FFIX - Trance Kuja, FFII - Mateus/ Emperor of Palamecia
FFX - Seymour, FF - Garland, FFIV - Golbez

I'm also reworking my Heroes and Villains pieces, which hopefully won't take as long!

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Rating: 3.2/5 (21 votes cast)

FF1: Garland
FF4: Golbez
FF5: XDeath
FF6: Kefka
FF7: Sephiroth
FF2: Mateus
FFT: Wiegraf
FF11: Shadow Lord
FF3: Cloud of Darkness
FF12: Vayne
FF13: Cid
FF8: Ultimecia
FF9: Kuja
FF10: Seymour
Final Fantasy: Villains by Ryuuza
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GalsicComment 1: 2015-09-26 23:40
Galsic This is a pretty impressive piece, yeah. Although, given the other games' representatives portrayed here, I'm kind of wondering: why Wiegraf?
NarratorwayComment 2: 2015-09-27 12:57
Narratorway Really does put on stark display how FF vills are only ever pulled from the Bish pool or raw Dark Souls 'git gud scrub' Iron Tanks...but they're poly Bish underneath anyway. tongue.gif
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