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"Kefka" by Ker

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I've never drawn Kefka before, and while I set my mind to do it eventually, that picture actually started out as a self-portrait. Hah. I was being subjected to a very annoying lecture, that I paid about 25% of my attention to, and I hadn't gotten far with the drawing, so it turned into Kefka.
Weird how that works.
I know he doesn't look his age in this drawing, sorry.
Somehow he ended up with a serious face.
I might update this later, with ink, color, and extra details (like the eyes.
Feedback is certainly appreciated.
(Please don't flame. There's a difference between flaming and constructive criticism.)

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Rating: 2.5/5 (13 votes cast)

FF6: Kefka
Kefka by Ker
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