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"Prayers of Etro" by anadiachan

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I've been working on commissions non-stop these last few weeks and needed to draw something for myself. So, here is a very quick, and kind of rough, drawing of Lightning in my favorite outfit of her's. I have always loved her armor in XIII-2. I got this done in about 4 hours (record time for me! Then again, I wasn't using Bristol so I didn't have to go over this a million times). I think I kind of rushed a bit because I recorded the entire process to make a speed drawing!
I feel like I haven't uploaded anything in forever! Between commissions, my new job, and everything else in life I haven't had a whole lot of time to do anything. I totally love this pose of Lightning's, I might have to draw it again and actually spend more time on it on Bristol or something. I finally got my scanner working again too, so I can start uploading more of my gunk I've been sketching X)

Oh yeah, and did I mention I'm actually working on my manga? I know I've said that for the last year or so, but I should have a chapter out by the end of the month! If enough people ask me, I might just even tell you all what it will be about :)

Sorry the camera kind of shakes in the beginning, I made a wire frame and hung it from the ceiling, but I finally have a speed drawing with a good view (and better lighting, I put a lamp on either side of me).

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FF13: Lightning
Prayers of Etro by anadiachan
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