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"In Search of the Dark Treasure" by marcelosanz

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Hello! Well, I bring something that occurred to me, actually, I really wanted to draw Vivi from Final Fantasy 9, but I get the inspiration-xD-and also drew a Chocobo and Moogle.
I have intended to draw a more-or-Vivis Black Mages, with different styles. In this case the title for the drawing, and the idea would be, "In Search of the Dark Treasure." In a kind Chibi or SD version.
xD I hope you like it and thanks for stopping to look!

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Rating: 2.6/5 (22 votes cast)

FF9: Vivi
In Search of the Dark Treasure by marcelosanz
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Glenn Magus HarveyComment 1: 2014-05-22 19:04
Glenn Magus Harvey Question: Is the buster sword on the side an FF9-relevant detail or just an easter-egg?
marcelosanzComment 2: 2014-05-22 22:09
marcelosanz itself, the drawing is a crossover, and I wanted to add some mystique to draw the Buster Sword, wanting to point out that Cloud was also looking dark treasure, but could not.
Thanks for commenting and sorry for my bad English.
StiltzkinComment 3: 2014-05-23 00:19
Stiltzkin I think it's incredible. I love Vivi and Moogles, so you've tapped my weak points well, but still. Also, I liked the little nod with the Buster sword in the corner, although I'm not sure I understand the 'dark treasure'.

If there were anything to say as constructive (I hope) criticism, it would be that the conjured fireball seems slightly odd - maybe it needs more tone or depth, a few more shades perhaps? I'm aware that fire can be a bitch though, so I still think this is top notch.
marcelosanzComment 4: 2014-05-23 02:44
marcelosanz I must declare something, this is one of the drawings I made really fast, and even though Final Fantasy is one of my favorite games, I have not spent much time as needed for the drawing to be considered "PRO".
The original idea was that Vivi was helping a group of Bombs that were badly wounded, and finally ended up being this that you see, xD.
Thanks for commenting!.
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