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"Terra Branford" by davidlojaya

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a fan art of FF 6 Terra

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FF6: Terra
Terra Branford by davidlojaya
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St KhaelComment 1: 2014-05-23 18:25
St Khael And...once again; I might die. Your choices for the designs on her gown are truly unique and , from a cosplay perspective, unheard of. I think the change from the flowers to a more mythical style and a clear acceptance of her ancestry speaks volumes for not only the piece but for the artist as well. You see the character in a different way where as most of us see only flowers and pearls when it comes to designs. This redesign of her dress alone changes the character's entire paradigm from 'lost magical girl who doesn't understand love but raises a bunch of kids anyway' to a powerful, well guided, and comfortable young woman. She has been through Hell itself and has come out on the other side all the better because of it. All of this from a dress alone. -Gush-

Your choice of skin, hair and make up tone also lend a hand to the paradigm change. Most often, when she is shown as blond it is simply a pale or a platinum blonde; here you have given us closer to white than to a natural tone any human could grow until they reach an advanced age. While usually pale, here she is presented as ghostly with a silvery sheen to her skin, furthering her ethereal appeal and essentially sealing the deal that this is NOT a normal woman by any means.

Thank you for sharing this piece with us, you have truly brought out the image that I have always had of Terra whereas most (generally speaking, none of us here, I'm quite certain) see her as a frightened little girl and turn their attentions to Celes as the major female character of the game. Terra was always a freight train of character excellence in my opinion and this picture has captured it perfectly. -More gushing.-
SpooniestComment 2: 2014-05-23 23:39
Spooniest Damn.
GalsicComment 3: 2014-05-29 03:15
Galsic The underside of that arm is awfully rounded. Overall, though, this is gorgeous.
ChickenFriedChocoboComment 4: 2014-05-29 03:21
ChickenFriedChocobo Gorgeous. Everybody else already stole most of the comments I wanted to make, but I will add: I see what you did there, re: the espers worked into the design on her dress. A lovely, thoughtful, and subtle touch.
RelmArrowneyComment 5: 2014-05-29 05:25
RelmArrowney Love this piece and I have NO IDEA how you guys get skin to look so soft, pearlescent. It's awesome. Very humbling piece.
Death PenaltyComment 6: 2014-06-07 03:28
Death Penalty You really brought an excellent style to this Terra - it really captures her Amano portrayal in tone, hair, and facial expression, yet you make it your own. Wonderful!
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