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"Shadow Vs Brainpan" by RelmArrowney

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This is a sister image to Celes Vs Creepy Rib Cage. I liked the composition and challenges presented in doing the Rib Cage picture, so I wanted another to compliment it.

Shadow is cold and swift, I wanted that to show in his. He works quietly, quickly, and in the dark. On both, I purposely omitted lots of details so that the focal point remained on the fact that they were about to battle, not on how cool their clothing is. Shadow's cutscenes frequently happen where you see this enemy at the Floating Continent, and I believe a leveled-up version of him later in the game. The enemy I chose for Celes is weak against Ice, and I recall needed a strong magic team when you go to fight him.

Unfortunately, my ability as an artist is pretty much peaking right at this level, it seems; I love drawing, but I don't have as much time for it as I used to. I'm feeling like anything I haven't learned, I'm just not skilled enough to teach myself.

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FF6: Shadow
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Shadow Vs Brainpan by RelmArrowney
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GalsicComment 1: 2014-05-29 03:02
Galsic You put in quite a bit of nice detail on the brainpan. I don't think a similar level of attention on Shadow would have taken away from the focus you had in mind. Then again, there was always that big in-battle difference between hero sprites and the enemies, haha.
ChickenFriedChocoboComment 2: 2014-05-29 03:12
ChickenFriedChocobo I dig the Brainpan. Those guys always gave me the creeps!

It might just be my monitor, but I'm having a hard time distinguishing Shadow from the black background. On the one hand, it's neat to kind of not see him, because, hey, ninja. On the other, it might be worth a shot to try lightening up the background a bit so the audience's eye can settle more on the details of Shadow. smile.gif
GalsicComment 3: 2014-05-29 03:47
Quote (ChickenFriedChocobo @ 28th May 2014 22:12)
It might just be my monitor, but I'm having a hard time distinguishing Shadow from the black background.

Nope, I had a similar issue. Yeah, honestly, I agree that the best way to put the focus on the two combatants would have been to simply set them off from the background somehow.
RelmArrowneyComment 4: 2014-05-29 04:50
RelmArrowney Seroiusly?? He shows up starkly on my screen. Maybe someone with computer savvy knowledge can help? The background on my screen is maroon, and he is a dark charcoal color.

Toward the bottom of the picture, he does get closer in color to the darker maroon background but he's still very visible. I put light highlights on his boots for just that reason. I'd put the red scarf/belt on him specifically to account for the darkening of the bottom part, though, as the boots weren't the focal point regardless.

ChickenFriedChocoboComment 5: 2014-05-29 04:52
ChickenFriedChocobo It's pretty much black on black here. Alas, I'm not sure how one would go about fixing that.
RelmArrowneyComment 6: 2014-05-29 04:56
RelmArrowney Hmm. Stay tuned. I might have compressed this into a JPEG, but if not, I can take off the gradient and I'll see if Rangers51'll let me upload it that way instead.


Is that better? This one's a little less processed, as it was an earlier save, but it had all the layers in tack for an easier time fixing it.

And! A bonus piece.

I was playing around with layers and remembered that for a reference on height, I'd left Celes and her Brainpan up and hidden in the original, so I nabbed Shadow and Celes, flipped Shadow, and changed the background to match!
ChickenFriedChocoboComment 7: 2014-05-29 04:58
ChickenFriedChocobo Looking forward to seeing it! smile.gif
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