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"Candlelight Yang.." by Slag

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Due to a lengthy power outage from Hurricane Sandy (I live in CT), the only thing I could to do occupy my time was draw by sunlight/candlelight. All these drawings were free hand with no computer touch-ups . Enjoy!

Here is Yang the Monk/All-Around B.A.

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FF4: Yang
Candlelight Yang.. by Slag
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Media Used Creation Date Licensing
Freehand, Colored Pencil 2012-11-03 All Rights Reserved—Do Not Use


Death PenaltyComment 1: 2012-11-06 23:31
Death Penalty I'm going to get ahold of your local power station to ensure that you are without electricity more often biggrin.gif Nice work!
SlagComment 2: 2012-11-07 13:09
Slag haha thanks!
MogMasterComment 3: 2013-01-29 07:42
MogMaster I had looked at these before and, as usual, I was impressed; but on a re-examination, I just noticed the scar on his head, presumably from a frying pan. It made me laugh out loud.
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