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CoN will now let you select the design of the entire site! Having launched this capability on 11 June 2003, this is a first for major Final Fantasy websites (as far as we know, anyway). You can now select the colors, pictures, fonts and overall style that you like best to accompany your visit here, wrapped around the same page content, all to make your visit as pleasurable as we possibly can. We hope you like your choices!

If you have a good idea for a style, feel free to make an HTML mockup and contact us to suggest we incorporate it.

Alternative Styles

Skyglade After an incredibly long hiatus, the CoN debuted Skyglade for our fifteenth anniversary. This skin updates the fanart-based Persona into a polished and quick-running new face to our beloved site.
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Persona Launched on 1 August 2002, for the site's 5th anniversary, Persona has been the site's default theme for over half its life. It's bright and legible and has lots of different looks.
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Digitiser Named as a homage to the hilarious yet informative ex-video games "magazine" of, incredibly enough, the same name, formerly of UK Teletext. If you like things gloomy and digital, and you think the future's green and a bit brown, this could be the style for you.
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Aluminium This style replicates that of the fourth version of CoN, which existed from 1 January 2001 until the launch of CoN5 on 31 July 2002. Fans of this style can switch over and get the look of CoN4 with all the higher function of the modern site.
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Scanner If you're looking back even further into the history of the site, or you just like lots of dark colors, this style might be the one for you. This style was featured from 24 January 1999 through the end of 2000, making it the second-longest-running default style, after Persona.
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Arch CoN5 was in development for almost a year. In that time, several design concepts were produced, which eventually evolved into the Persona theme. This style represents an earlier iteration of that design — or three iterations, in fact: after choosing this theme, you will be able to choose from three alternate colour schemes from its history.
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Foolsglade For April Fools' 2013, CoN staffer Neal gave our Skyglade skin a bit of much-needed polish with new art. User feedback was so good that we just had to make it a permanent addition to the site!
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