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Final Fantasy Concerts Add Lots of Shows Worldwide

Distant Worlds
We're winding down this year, so it's a good time for the folks behind Distant Worlds to add a lot of new shows for 2019. Good news if you're one of our international readers, as most of the new shows being added are outside of North America this time. I'm sure more here in the States and possibly Canada will be coming soon, and there's still one new domestic date that I hadn't seen before, but for now here's a big list of mostly European show additions.The shows in Hamburg, Geneva, and Rome are new cities for the tour. In Bangkok, Yoko Shimomura is scheduled to attend (remember, Nobuo Uematsu is still recuperating his health). Tickets for all of these shows are on sale now!

A New World has added even more dates than Distant Worlds, in other far-flung locales, particularly in the South Pacific:Tickets for all of these shows are on sale as well; the Atlanta show is included with registration for MomoCon.

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AltheaValaraComment 1: 2018-12-07 20:33
AltheaValara Just got an email announcing that Distant Worlds is coming back to Chicago, for two shows (3p.m. &8p.m.) on September 14th next year! I'm assuming mom will be interested in going to the 3p.m. show, as she rather likes the Distant Worlds concerts and doesn't like to be out late.
Rangers51Comment 2: 2018-12-08 14:18
Rangers51 I got that email too, and also one saying that Phoenix is getting an 8pm show on September 7.

Both of those shows will feature Susan Calloway and RIKKI, too. It would be neat to see the latter do Suteki Da Ne live.
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