Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy IX
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Numismatics: Collecting Stellazzio and Getting the Hammer

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I don't think it's communicable.Stellazzio coins are key items one can find around the world and trade in to an old bird (literally!) in Treno. This sidequest is very beneficial and can give some excellent items/equipment, as well as provide the infamous δHammer item used in making the best armor in the game. To boot, this can be done at any time, on any disc - nothing is missable! See below for the descriptions and screenshots explaining where they can be found, in the order in which they can first be found.


Click for Full ImageDali, inside the windmill.
Click for Full ImageBurmecia, behind a wagon just inside the city.
Click for Full ImageThrow Gil into the fountain at the Treno entrance thirteen times (a total of 130 Gil).
Click for Full ImageIn the Treno slums, behind the item shop.
Click for Full ImageIn Quan's Dwelling, near the bottom of the screen around the springs.
Click for Full ImageIn the bedroom of the inn in Black Mage Village.
Click for Full ImageBehind the fountain in Madain Sari.
Click for Full ImageIn Alexandria Castle, back towards the far-right corner of the room with the statue of Neptune.
Click for Full ImageBehind the grasses to the left of the pickle cart in Lindblum starting in Disc 3.
Click for Full ImageIn the water down the right side path when entering Daguerreo.
Click for Full ImageIn the entrance to Ipsen's Castle, in a chest up the right side shadows.
Click for Full ImageIn a chest on the left side at the core of the Invincible.
Click for Full ImageOphiuchus can not be obtained until after the first twelve have been returned to Queen Stella. Once they are, she will discover the puzzle of the thirteenth coin and return the original twelve to you to help find it. It appears precisely where you once found Scorpio.


These coins mean a great deal to Queen Stella, and as such you'll get a reward for each one you bring to her in Treno. You can bring them all at once, or one at a time, and in any order - the rewards are based on quantity, not specific Stellazzio. The one exception to this, of course, is the thirteenth Stellazzio, Ophiuchus; since you can not collect this stone until after all the others, it can not be given to Stella until last.

nth Coin Returned
1000 Gil
2000 Gil
5000 Gil
10000 Gil
20000 Gil
30000 Gil

The Hammer

Cinna's δHammer is a weapon, but it's not one that can ever be used. Instead, it has two potential uses, depending on what your goals are for the game; if you're looking for Steiner's ultimate armor, you will need to take the δHammer to Hades' Synthesis Shop in Memoria to have it synthesized into δTin Armor. If you don't want to do that, just hold onto it and you'll instead get a short scene added into the ending, shown here!

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