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Final Fantasy IX Spoiler Settings

Written by  Tiddles
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Before using the spoiler options you can see in the navigation area, you should be aware of how this feature is designed.

Please be aware, in particular, that the “Hide Spoilers” option will not protect you from all spoilers if you do not take care yourself. For instance, if you navigate straight to the last chapter of the walkthrough, you will inevitably see some spoilers for the end of the game. Likewise, the bosses list might be a spoiler if you don’t want to know who you’ll fight, when and where.

What the option does do is hide spoilers on pages you should reasonably be able to visit without seeing spoilers. The characters page, for example, contains a brief description of each character with spoilers off, and a more in-depth discussion of the character and their interaction with the game’s plot with spoilers on. In the walkthrough, you shouldn’t see any references to future events in the game with spoilers turned off, whereas with spoilers on you may see a brief discussion of plot which occurs in that chapter and how your decisions might affect future events.

It’s very difficult to have a global concept of what is or isn’t a “spoiler” which can be simply described by an “on” and “off” switch, because what will and won’t spoil the game or plot for you very much depends on where you are in the game and what kind of information you would consider to have a spoiling effect. Nevertheless, we’ve done what we can to protect you from accidentally hearing about major plot events before you reach them. With that in mind, if you think you’ve spotted a spoiler that really ought to be masked in hidden mode, please let us know.

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