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Final Fantasy VI Game Credits

Have you ever wondered who was responsible for bringing Final Fantasy VI to you? Probably not. However, you'll see some big names in this list that you may recognize, and it's best to get acquainted with the staff. Else, you're going to look like an idiot in that next Amano vs. Nomura debate.

Hironobu Sakaguchi

Yoshinori Kitase
Hiroyuki Itou

Main Programmers
Ken Narita
Kiyoshi Yoshii

Graphic Directors
Tetsuya Takahashi
Kazuko Shibuya
Hideo Minaba
Tetsuya Nomura

Nobuo Uematsu

Image Designer
Yoshitaka Amano

Battle Planners
Yasuyuki Hasabe
Akiyoshi Oota

Field Planners
Yoshihiko Maekawa
Keita Etoh
Satoru Tsuji
Hidetoshi Kezuka

Event Planners
Tsuka Fujita
Keisuke Matsuhara

Effect Programmers
Hiroshi Harata
Satoshi Ogata

Battle Programmer
Akihero Yamaguchi

Sound Programmer
Minoru Akao

Effect Graphic Designer
Hirokatsu Sasaki

Field Graphic Designers
Takahara Matsuo
Yusuke Naora
Nobuyuki Ikeda
Tomoe Inazawa
Kaori Tanaka
Takamichi Shibuya
Shinichirou Hamaska
Akiyoshi Masuda

Monster Graphic Designer
Hitoshi Sasaki

Object Graphic Designer
Kazuhiro Ohkawa

Sound Engineer
Eiji Nakamura

Remake Planners
Weiman Li
Aiko Ito

Ted Woolsey

Ted Woolsey isn't credited any more in the PlayStation version's intro. We think that's a little unfair, considering almost all of the text is the same as it is in the version in which he was credited.

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