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Enemy Natures

Guide by  Djibriel
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Natures are creature types which are used to determine a weapon's or spell's possible effect on the target. Natures are typically fixed; they can never be removed and can never be set with the exception of the Dragon's Kiss attack, a Mix coming from a Dragon Fang and a Maiden's Kiss, which sets both the Heavy and Dragon nature on a target.


Note that Undead has nothing to do with elemental properties; they are often put together on enemies and the ArmorBone Mail, but inherently they have nothing to do with each other. Creatures with an Undead nature invert the effects of draining spells, are damaged by curative spells and items but are fully restored by the ODeath spell and linked attacks. Those with an Undead nature:


Heavy can be described as a quality which grants resistance to all kinds of instant-death effects and other debilitating properties that do not include the actual Death status immunity bit. "Bosses" and the Heavy nature often go hand in hand, but not always; certain random encounters possess the Heavy nature, and certain bosses lack it. The term "Heavy" is not an official term, and you'll note that this nature is the only one not mentioned in the Bestiary. A Heavy nature allows the creature to circumvent:

Magic Beast

The Magic Beast nature is just there to check for a certain type of creature for the purposes of certain attacks.


The SpearDragon Lance and BowDragon Whisker deal twice as much damage to creatures with a Dragon nature. The spell used by HarpApollo's Harp deals eight times as much damage. The !Combine attacks Dragon Shot, Dragon Burst and Dragon Cannon all deal twice as much damage.


The KnifeMan-Eater deals twice as much damage to creatures with a Humanoid nature. The !Combine attacks Killer Shot, Killer Burst and Killer Cannon all deal twice as much damage.


OAqua Breath deals eight times as much damage to creatures with a Desert nature. These include every creature that can be only encountered in the desert, with the inclusion of the Sandworm and the exclusion of Dhorme Chimera, Ankheg and Ammonite for whatever reason.


The BowAevis Killer deals twice as much damage to creatures with an Aevis nature. These typically include giant birds (Zu palette swaps), winged snakes (Archeoaevis palette swaps) and the Dragon Aevis.

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