Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy I
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Final Fantasy I Saved Games

PSOne DexDrive Saves

To use these with your PlayStation Final Fantasy VI, you'll need a DexDrive unit. Alternatively, you may play them on the PC using a PlayStation emulator; however, we do not provide information or support on doing so. It is also likely that these will only work on the North American version of FF1, due to regional variations. Sadly, we've just got one file for now. Feel free to send us others in DexDrive format!

Savegame 1 by AetherKnight

Saved at Cornelia before Temple of Chaos revisited. Party consists of Master/RedMage/Wh.Wizrd/Bl.Wizard. All four characters are at level 50 with max stats; every equipment in the game has 99 stock; all magic slots are full, and all bonus features are unlocked.

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Caves of Narshe: Final Fantasy I
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