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Until Dawn Comes

by Phoenix


Chapter One

Locke sighed as the golden-pink glow began to fade from the evening sky.

"Don't make it so dramatic!" Terra giggled.

"Sorry," Locke quietly murmured, "I was just thinking of how perfect it all is."

"I was too," Terra smiled, then kissed him on the cheek, "Thank you for taking me to watch the
sunset. We had better get back before anyone notices we're missing, though."

Perfect besides the fact that I'm dating a half-Esper
, Locke had a quick afterthought, but tried to ignore it. He did have a great time watching the sunset with Terra.

Terra and Locke started to walk slowly down the hill toward the entrance to the new Returners'
base. The base was still under construction, but enough had been finished that people could start occupying it.

"Oh! Locke, Terra, there you two are!" Edgar called from the entrance as they drew nearer.

Locke tried not to blush at the thought that someone had caught him with Terra. "Oh! Hi, Edgar," Locke tried not to sound nervous. He wondered how much Edgar was thinking about their being together.

"We just received another donation for the construction costs from Jidoor," Edgar didn't seem to at all have noticed, and he was looking rather excited, "Do you know what this means?"

"Go on," Terra urged.

"This means we have enough money to start designing an airship dock!" Edgar cried out

"Speaking of which, where is the Falcon?" Locke inquired.

"Setzer decided to take it out for a spin. He's been making a lot of improvements on it lately, and he was dying to test them out. Don't worry, he said he'd be back before dark. Of course, that's what Daryl said, now isn't it?" Edgar half-laughed, "Anyway, I need to catch a ride over to Figaro. I was going to make the final preparations before we move the castle over to the desert near here."

Edgar started walking off towards the chocobo stable. As soon as he was out of earshot, Terra
spoke. "I'd better be off as well. I promised Relm that I would help her sew a new outfit tonight."

"She's such a cute kid..." Locke smiled, "I guess I'll be seeing you later, then?"

Terra returned the smile, "Yeah, and I'll be thinking about you the whole time."
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