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If you're as tired of life as we are, why not commiserate with us? Editor's Note: My goodness, that's grim. We can be fun, I promise!

Chat is a more freewheeling way of connecting to us. We talk about Final Fantasy, of course, but we also talk about everything else, and our rules are far more lenient. Don't be frightened, little newbie!

We're in the process of moving to Discord, as all the cool kids are doing nowadays. If you're super-old-school like we have been for many, many years, you can still join with us via IRC too. We have a bot that lets the two platforms talk to each other, so you can't go wrong!


Discord is handy because it's got an app for everywhere and it's modern and you're probably already using it. If you're looking to connect to us, you can use this invite link to get started.

Online Discord Users

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Via your own IRC client

Grab an IRC client and visit us in channel #narshe on If, like us, you live in the distant past, mIRC is still a good bet. However, if you're looking for a free client that splits the difference between super-functionality and the slim web client, consider an all-in-one messaging client like Pidgin or Miranda.

Via the Web

If you'd rather just chat from the Web like some kind of modern, loose-trousered charlatan, you can use this form.

This is the name which appears when you type a line or action. If you have a registered username in chat (different than the site!) please click the "Enter Chat with Password" button below.

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