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News from May 2012

Final Fantasy Dimensions for iOS Worldwide

Almost two years ago, Square Enix announced a mobile game for Japan called "Final Fantasy Legends: Warriors of Light and Darkness," which astute readers might have learned about from this very website. The original Japanese release was an episodic game that looked strikingly similar to Final Fantasy IV, and included a five-character party with a job change system.

The news now is that the game's coming out again this summer, and it will now be called "Final Fantasy Dimensions." All the episodes will be smushed into one lump and the package will be available in the Apple iOS App Store. An exact release date is not known, as it's hard to predict an exact date with Apple; additionally, price and supported Apple devices are up in the air as well. The official site for the game is on Squenix' Japanese site; however, I'm not aware of any iOS game that the company has released that hasn't been available in multiple languages for worldwide release, so it should be a foregone conclusion that we're all getting access to it.

Source: andriasang

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