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News from June 2009

It's the Final (Fantasy) Countdown

General Final Fantasy

It's Square-Enix up to their usual shenanigans of giving us a mysterious page with a countdown clock and supposedly relevant info to the new game at hand. Sources suspect a remake of the original Final Fantasy, possibly on the Nintendo DS. This news poster is not so convinced. Unless they're introducing new music, the song that plays over the countdown page is not from any Final Fantasy so far (Unless it's from XI, in which case, nobody cares). The obvious reality? They're preparing to unveil Final Fantasy XV.

...What? You never know. Square-Enix also copyrighted "The Four Warriors of Light" (Well, the Japanese phrase, anyway), so believe what you will. It's fair to say that this is going to be Final Fantasy related, regardless of what it actually is. Only 220 hours to go.

Source: Kotaku
Source: Siliconera

Wild ARMs 2 to Playstation Network

The ESRB appears to be regaling us with further previews of future PSN games, this time Wild ARMs 2. The Wild ARMs series was quite popular for the first couple iterations of Playstation, most recently in 2007 with Wild ARMs 5 for the Playstation 2. The particular iteration described here is nearly a decade old, and was the second and final from the series to debut on the original Playstation.

I myself only ever played the demo of WA2, but I seem to recall it being pretty solid fun, featuring the series' unique hook of being set in a fantasy/western setting. Even beyond that, though, it's really great to see that Sony is looking towards RPGs that, while not really obscure, aren't necessarily part of the Square collection that built their empire in the last fifteen years.

Source: RPGamer
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Dissida Offers Multiple Pre-Order Bonuses

Dissida: Final Fantasy
At least three shops are offering unique pre-order bonuses in the States for Dissidia: Final Fantasy, which ships on 25 August in North America. Obviously, pre-order bonuses are nothing new, but the fact that there are already three announced, and you can only get them at particular retailers, is a bit more novel (and, dare I say it, moneygrubbing?).

If you're looking to get a pre-order in, here are your options: Best Buy is offering a desk calendar; GameStop has custom cover slipcases that, it appears, slide over the top of the retail case for the game; AmaCoN will ship you a CD with musical selections from the game. And, since we play favorites here, we wholeheartedly support you getting the CD.

Source: Square Enix Members Blog

New Final Fantasy XIII Screens

Final Fantasy XIII
For those of you wanting to see yet more pretty pictures of the pretty...prettiness of Final Fantasy XIII, you will be please to hear that thirteen new screenshots have recently been released on the net. This fitting number of screens serve to showcase more of the exteriors in which players will presumably fight monsters and the Helghast/Jin-Roh-looking soldiers seen in previous screens and clips.

The new images show off some spell effects as well as a variety of environments. What seems to be an inner city battle at night (it's at least similar to what we have seen before in many early trailers), a snowy mountainside, some barren rocky grasslands, and the obligatory lush forests and dark caves.

With these new screens, Square-Enix's dedication to making it all look very pretty continues, for as is plain to see the world of FF13 certainly looks like a nice place to go sightseeing if you don't mind the occasional angry monster or space nazi jumping out at you.

Source: Final Fantasy Insider
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Final Fantasy Tactics on Playstation Network?

Final Fantasy Tactics
It's far from confirmation of a re-release, but Final Fantasy Tactics has appeared on the ESRB rating list. This isn't, however, the first game to appear on ESRB. Final Fantasy IV: The After, prior to E3, for example. Square-Enix have come through in the past, why not again? If you're curious as to the price tag, Final Fantasy VII was released at $10, so it's probably fair to assume that Tactics will be in the same range.

Although, to be fair, most people who were interested in Final Fantasy Tactics picked it up when it was released on the PSP. Hoorah for yet another re-release. Next up, Final Fantasy IV! Again!

Source: RPGamer

CoN Interviewed by

Caves of Narshe Site News
Coloring Dragons, a website dedicated primarily to the hosting and discussion of webcomics, has just published an interview of Rangers51 of the Caves of Narshe (yes, that's me speaking in the third person). The initial interview took place in spring of 2008, and I sat down again with them just today to refresh the content after seeing the interview recently posted featuring CoN member Orinocou. Will you find it interesting? Well, probably not, because as a CoN reader you have already heard me spouting off my philosophies for many a year; however, since this is the first time that I can recall being interviewed simply for being an awesome webbish guy, you might as well check it out.

Source: Coloring Dragons
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Revamped CoN Wallpaper Section Live

Caves of Narshe Site News
After ignoring it for far too long, I've now gone through and reconfigured the wallpaper section of CoN to be database-driven; additionally, I've rebranded all the offerings so they're more recognizably CoN. What this means to you, the visitor, is that you can now search through all our wallpapers by size or game, and that we've expanded the total collection from just forty-one total wallpapers across all sizes and designs to over two hundred, including the first wallpapers for both Chrono Trigger and the site itself. So, please, install a wallpaper. Don't let my work be in vain.
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Final Fantasy IV sequel on the Wii Virtual Console

Final Fantasy IV
That's right, all of you Wii owners out there can see what Cecil and Rosa's son Ceodore as well as the rest of the Final Fantasy IV cast's progeny are up to today, by downloading Final Fantasy IV: The After Years for 800 Wii points (approximately $8 US).

Originally released for Japanese mobile phones, The After Years is the first of an unknown number of chapters of a new adventure. The planet's second moon has reappeared out of nowhere, and a mysterious blue-clad woman is attempting to steal the world's eight crystals. Kain has also exiled himself to Mount. Ordeals, where he hopes to return as someone cleansed of his inner darkness. If you want to find out how all of this new plot goes down, then it's time to get downloading.

Source: Kotaku

Pre-E3 Square Enix Roundup

E3 Expo
Even though it's still not the E3 of years past, there's no way to not get a little interested in the gaming industry this time every year. For my part, personally, I'm a little disappointed that I no longer work at home and therefore can't watch some of the live coverage; however, I'm sure there will still be some live chatting going on at the house of CoN as news breaks. That being said, there have been some pre-Expo, Square Enix news dribblings that have come to light over the past week, so why don't we get you primed up for this week's events by recapping them briefly here?

First off, check out the massive adverts for Final Fantasy XIII that were hung in Los Angeles last week. There are three, one with Vanilla, one with Snow, and one with Lightning (luckily, the names aren't plastered on the adverts, so non-gamers will have less to mock), all on adjacent buildings. Since the game isn't coming out for a bare minimum of seven months, and probably more like twelve, this might seem premature; however, it seems like these ads might hang for quite a while, since they were covering up similar banners for Grand Theft Auto IV, a game that launched fifteen months ago.

In other news, it's been announced that Final Fantasy XI, the numeral that won't die, is getting another platform on which to hang out. This time it's Playstation 3; however, it's as yet unknown whether this version will sport any sort of refactoring, or whether it will be a straight rollup of all content previously released for Windows and the 360. However, does it really matter? Surely this game is reaching its critical mass of gamers, and simply releasing it for another system isn't alone going to breathe new life into the game. In other words, don't you think anyone who had much intention of playing FFXI has done so by now?

Famitsu has also been talking again with Tetsuya Nomura, and he threw out some typical but interesting tidbits of information. Top of that list is that Squenix is getting more involved with Playstation Network downloadable content; it's come out since that he was specifically referring to a PS3 (and PSP) release of Final Fantasy VII, though there's surely more to come. Additionally, it seems that Final Fantasy XIII must be making great progress, as Nomura himself has moved on from being involved in development to focus most of his time on Versus and Agito. And, in what is clearly the most interesting news for me (or would be if I had a PSP), the newest Parasite Eve sequel has not yet been cancelled!

And, finally, the Square Enix Members Blog also published late last week the official list of titles being shown by Square Enix at E3 this year. Look for more information on some of these as the week goes on.


  • FINAL FANTASY XIII Ed: look out for a new video trailer, here.



  • KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days

  • NIER





Enjoy your E3, and tip us off if we miss any big news!

Sources: Square Enix Members Blog
The Magic Box
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