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Square Enix Sweet on Switch and Other Financial News

Square Enix
Square Enix had a financial reporting briefing today, and the core of it was absolutely Nintendo's new console and mobile titles. As reported by the Wall Street Journal's Tokyo tech reporter, the company plans to "aggressively make games for Switch," ruling out no IPs in the company's stable. They did not go into any detail as to any specific IPs, of course, but they did reference new IP, active IP, or even resurrected IP. You can let your mind run absolutely wild with those possibilities, of course, but we've already seen the concept in action with games like I Am Setsuna or the possibility of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

The company went on to say that the Switch is a great place for mid-level games, and due to the similarities in system architecture with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it's very possible that more games could be made cross-platform in the future and include the Switch. I think in reading between the lines, this implies that the games can be ported but might need to be toned down, particularly in the case of games made with the PS4 Pro or One X in mind.

Additionally, as per Gematsu, the company mentioned the existence of unannounced mobile titles to be released in the second half of this fiscal year, as well as "sharp," "powerful," and "well-made" titles to be seen at next year's E3. There's no information currently as to whether these sharp titles are ones we already know are coming, like Kingdom Hearts 3, or whether they're currently under wraps.

Finally, the company dropped a few ongoing sales numbers to show its strength, with Dragon Quest XI having sold more than three million copies, NieR: Automata booking more than two million, and Final Fantasy XV at over six and a half million worldwide.

Source: Siliconera, Gematsu
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SpooniestComment 1: 2017-11-08 19:45
Spooniest Perhaps we'll get that shiny remake of FF6 people have wanted since FF4 DS came out.

This is officially my 777th post.

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(Victory Fanfare Plays)
PerigrynComment 2: 2017-11-10 01:11
Perigryn If they for some reason decide to port War of the Lions to the Switch, I'll be in fast.

Still, it's good to see they're back to supporting a mainline Nintendo console in a meaningful way. Their handheld partnership has been wonderful, but console-goers haven't had much to write home about from the SE RPG side of things in the Nintendo family.
DanielNugComment 3: 2018-05-14 11:28
DanielNug Hellow my name is DanielNug. Wery capable post! Thx smile.gif
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