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(Apparently) Coming Soon: More iOS Final Fantasies

Square Enix deployed their now-pretty-typical "hey, we released a new game" video yesterday to announce the worldwide release of Final Fantasy IV for iOS (yours for the low price of $16.99 US!).

The video is pretty standard fare, nothing particularly exciting if you've see the Nintendo DS version before; however, what has people talking is the last few seconds. If you watch to the end, you'll see a bit of crowing about a "Final Fantasy mobile revolution" and the Final Fantasy V logo. This appears to confirm that at least Final Fantasy V is coming to iOS sometime in the future, and the text below saying "and more..." would seem to imply that V is not the end. Final Fantasy VI would be the obvious "more" there, but could there be others?

Not only that, what might we see out of these? Will these be ports of SNES? Game Boy Advance? Could it even be a 3D treatment of each game, which has long been rumored but never executed? And, if it's the 3D option, will we see them also on the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita? That would certainly be fairly revolutionary; oh, if only we knew. As of right now, we need to consider this tentative news, but it seems pretty clear that iOS users will at least be seeing Final Fantasy V sooner rather than later.

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KameComment 1: 2012-12-21 08:27

I want there to be a FFVI (and to a lesser extent, FFV) DS-like version released! Better yet, to a platform that's not iOS since I don't have an iPhone or new iPod.

I have this spiffy new 3DS that's just calling for those games!
Rangers51Comment 2: 2012-12-30 17:09
Rangers51 Sure, Kame, but we don't even know what versions of Final Fantasies this might imply, yet. Even if they're new 3D remakes, we still wouldn't know anything about whether this precludes Nintendo releases, either.

As of right now, we're still in the same place we've been since FF4 was released for DS: we have no idea when or if we might see 3D versions of the rest of the SNES series, or where. smile.gif
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