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final fantasy 8 ?

Posted: 9th July 2005 00:29

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[staff] Is there any chance off a final fantasy 8 forum or a final fantasy 8 part to the site ? Or were do i go to talk about final fantasy 8 [ which forum ] ?


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Posted: 9th July 2005 00:57

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Every time a topic like this comes up, I think I've covered it before. But I never can seem to find the thread. So here we go.

First, the easy one: where to talk about FF8. When in doubt, read the forum descriptions. Here's one for you:
General Squenix Gaming
If you have something to say about any other Square Enix games, or something that covers multiple games and doesn't fit into any one forum above, post it here.

So, use General Squenix Gaming for FF8 chat.

In terms of adding other games to the site, we'd be happy to. But most people who suggest such things don't quite understand what an undertaking it is to do a game section with the quality CoN members and visitors expect. We don't launch site sections until they are as good as the FF7 section. Any sections on the site now that are not quite as cool - well, we're working on improving them first. So if you have a collection of flawless data, art, screenshots, etc. to give us, we'll write code around it. But for now, don't expect new games of any sort - especially not FF8, which remains among the least favorite of the series for much of the staff.

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