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Help me...

Posted: 26th December 2017 07:22
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Some of you might remember my topic a while back. My CD ROM drive stopped working, unexpectedly, and I had to make my CDRW the primary drive for it to work, etc. Anyways, it appears the same happened to my CDRW.

It worked fine until today. It suddenly had trouble reading my brand new CKY CD because it "may be scratched and may require cleaning". I took it out of the drive, inspected it (fine), and put it back in. The CD didn't load up at all (autorun, or whatever). I went into "My Computer" and checked the D drive. Apparently, a blank disc was inserted. My CDROM drive was similar, only it ignored the prescence of a CD. "Please insert a CD". My ass.

What happened? I'm now stuck with no CD Drives, both problems almost identical. Are my drives shot? Thanks.
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