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What's a good free image host?

Posted: 10th August 2017 14:46

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I used to use Photobucket. Well, actually I used to use ImageShack but then that stopped working after a while, so I started using Photobucket, whose only drawback was that I had to sign in to my account but actually that was pretty handy since I could manage my pictures and put them into folders and it seemed to persist indefinitely. Some people laughed at me for not using, say, imgur, but I stuck with it.

Well I guess they get the last laugh now since Photobucket is no longer allowing offsite image embeds (or what they call "third-party hosting"). So now I need a new one.

What's a good site for image hosting? Preferably something that'll survive for a while. And isn't an existing social network by itself, though I guess I could create a dummy account for images if I really wanted to.

I know there's imgur but how good is it really? There's also puush I think, also some lesser-known sites like . Any suggestions? Preferably a site that's stable, but doesn't have too high of a profile so it's unlikely to go paid-only anytime soon (preferably ever).

I have an old DropBox account that had a public folder back when that was automatically granted, but I don't know if DropBox still allows this to work. Does it?

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Posted: 10th August 2017 15:05

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I use imgur personally, mainly because it's really easy to use. One has to remember to not publish the images publicly, but they do allow hotlinking of the images you upload in a variety of sizes. I assume it's stable, and I don't see them going for pay any time soon.

As far as I know, you can still do it with Dropbox.

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Posted: 10th August 2017 23:37

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I usually use when I post images. That is usually because if you do not want to make an account, and still want to reserve the right to delete the image provides you with a whole bunch of links for various puropses, including a deletion link that you can use to purge the image if you visit it. They used to have shall we say questionable adverting on their website, although in uploading a test image for preview it seems like they don't do that anymore:

user posted image

You can see the options for the test image here, or read their F.A.Q.

I am not sure how reliable they are though, since I don't regularly check up on the images I post there, and obviously the reason I use them is because I do not have an account with an image host if it can be avoided, so I do not know how good their organization software is either, but it works as far as I know and they do not delete images for inactivity, so it works well enough for me.

P.S. I had to figure out another way to fetch the originally sized image since it was horribly enlarged when I first made this post and used their premade bbcode for some reason I do not know.

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