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Review:Until Dawn(Horror Game)

Posted: 5th July 2017 20:12

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i found this game on ps4 as a free game for ps plus, and it is a pretty good game.

The game takes place at the beginning where 2 girls end up running off a cliff and holding on for dear life and fall and die and you start the game with a whole lot of characters who were there but non playable.

In this game there are QTE(Quick time events) but they are done rather well.You can use our ps4 remote in some pretty neat ways, for an example:At the very beginning of the game, there are QTE easy events to ease you into the game, such as:Holding your remote so your character doesn't make movements or sound to alert trouble, or:You use the bumper bar thing as a touch screen.(It isn't used much but it is used)

You also get to practice shooting.(Remember do not hold both R2 and L2 or you won't fire and you wil mess up your QTE.

Lastly:There are totems littered around the area as a foretelling of events so you can prepare.Sometimes for an example you get a choice of shooting but shouldn't, and not shooting can reward you with better results.

You also act out like a detective looking around for clues to unravel what happened.

Peter stormare(Dr Hill) actually gives you a set of questions which determines how the game will try to scare you, and change events.

And how you act towards a character can change events and characters and give different scenes.

Lastly:All characters can die in one way or another if they fail their QTE in certain areas, or if you get a different interaction thus getting different scenes.

The cutscenes are very well made as well as music and it actually does raise your heartbeat, only thing i wish, is that you could save your game yourself instead of having to close game reload and see all the previous events of the last chapter just because you messed up QTE, which sucks.

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