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Getting Shadow Back in the World of Ruin: HELP!

Posted: 31st May 2017 12:11
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when I went to the place where you fight the SirBehemoths, Relm or Shadow might appear. Relm appeared for me. Now, when I do the Owzer quest to get the other, nothing is happening! I hear most people get Shadow first. Is there another way? How can I get Shadow?

Thank You!!!

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Posted: 3rd June 2017 15:50

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Two things:

1. You can't get Shadow. If you wait for Shadow at the FLoating Continent, Shadow appears in the cave and he can join your party later. Since Relm appeared in the cave for you, Shadow is dead and gone.

2. Check the paintings in Owzer's house for secret passages. That dungeon is weird and twisty. If you rescued Relm in the Veldt cave, she should be at the end of the Owzer's house dungeon.

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Posted: 16th June 2017 12:18

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Yeah, you are beyond the point of no return(er).

Shadow is meh at best imo. His Skeans are OK, but everything else is just below average.

You can either restart your game or remember to wait for him at the end of the floating continent during your next play through.
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