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Dragon Age Inquisition Review

Posted: 9th April 2017 21:19

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So Far since i just started, i will actually mention everything that i think is relevant.

So the controls are different from dragon age origins, the last dragon age game i played and owned so i could go past the demo area.

How different?

R1:Potions Horse Engage Disengage.
R2:Menu for abilities
Bumper:Allows you to stop time and manually select ability that you have macros for like x for attack Triangle circle or square.

The controls are a little confusing at first due to having to get use to them, especially the bumper thing on ps4

The parts with the horse feels very skyrim ish for some reason, and instead of having a map to select and a mission to do, you have one giant map and you roam around either on foot, on horse or you can fast travel(Yes just like in skyrim)

For some reason dragon age inquisition also gives me a mass effect 3 vibe, beause of the whole thing of recruiting people and getting their trust and getting a bigger army to follow you.In mass effect 3, you talked to people and recruited them and did missions that gained power.In dragon age Inquisition:Doing mission does this thing where you get power a new thing in dragon age series.You can either get it by closing rifts, or by doing quests.You also get something called influence and it goes on a bar till you get power.

For closing Rifts:When you get near a rift, you will see a green energy in the sky and it will puke out monsters at you and leave puddles of goo on the floor that will knock you down and do lots of damage.Pressing x on your ps4 will make you charge up your power to close it, but its a slow process and can be interrupted by any attacks from the monsters such as being hit with a ranged attack or being knocked down, which happens often.Pressing x wil cause a charge thing you do and then cause a explosion that will damage the rift and cause any enemy puked out to be stunned and damaged a lot.The weaker enemies will likely die, but the bigger and stronger guys will be just stunned.Once you have done this enough, you will close the rift and everyting instantly dies and you will have goods on the floor.

So far:most of the enemies i fight are spiders, bears templars and Apostates, which are mages who left the circle and disobeyed the orders from both templars and the circle.After the events of Dao everyone went rogue and started disobeying.Mages went rogue and went on a killing rampage, and templars went on a rampage killing anyone who isn't a templar and hunting down all mages and killing them, leaving everything around redcliffe a battlefield and lots of corpses.

Inventory system:There is a limit of room, and because unlike in Dao there isn't a limited amount of items but rather you seem to get a unlimited amount of items so long as you keep killing except the truly rare stuff, which i imagine are limited.

I'm getting rather annoyed that there isn't a storage system, especially since its frustrating.Maybe i'l get something later.Also:items that are equipped shouldn't appear in the storage or have better indication they are equipped.

Also:There are more classifications like:Human only elf only etc or rogue only etc etc.I actually got a weapon that is rogue only but it says except for the one dwarf rogue guy i have and it says except him.I'm presuming i get more characters capable of using these stuff.

I haven't gotten into crafting yet, but there seems to be a crafting system in the game involving creating hafts and the sword part or hammer parts requiring you to go out and find stuff to craft the weapon.Plus:You need recipes as well.

There is a upgrade system i haven't yet gotten into and i presume its going to be explored later.

You still have rings and belts and other stuff like in DAO which have resistance to spirit magic.

Inventory system:

There is now a neat classification between heavy armor medium armor and light armor.2h weapons, 1h weapons, daggers, staves and shields.Weapons and armor are separate and you have to look for them individually.

Skill system:Now instead of having 2 different skill bars to go in between like in dao where you have trap finding potion making and charm so you can talk to people and make them tell you stuff, you have just the class skills, which has up to 4 different types of slots.

Map system:You can find it by pressing options then going to the menu then go to quest map which shows all the quests and gives you the entire map of the world.

Quests:You can pick up quests by either talking to people or finding letters on dead bodies.Once you do that you can either collect an item and give it back, or just finding the item or killing the enemy can complete the quest.

Also i forgot to mention 1 thing:

Sometimes the quests on the map can be deceptive.You will see a marker in the mountain like when you are getting blankets.

More new info in today:

There is a blacksmith that allows you to build weapons and armor or improve weapons and armor by changing the hilt of the sword and adding runes, changing the stats.

Weapons and armor use pieces of cloth iron and different minerals to change stats that benefit you, like one might increase resistance to spirit magic and another might give you more magic attack power.

The inquisition room:

In haven by doing quests and gaining more fame, you gain perk points you can use to buy stuff like antivan leather and unlock other kinds of neat stuff.You can also build towers and stuff there such as quests require.

More new info 15/04/2017:9:52 date of this.

So one issue i'm finding out is i'm not too fond of the characters yet.The game does kinda a suikoden thing where you can build up your castle, but instead of bringing new people, you have to get materials and build it at camp and then you can make the upgrades, but you have to first get the schematic.

The war room is for doing quests that sometimes open up new maps and give you places to go, or sometimes just missions that give you reputation and items, like in mass effect 3.

You can buy some schematics for weapon crafting from vendors, but i haven't found a decent way to gain cash except from using a ps4 exploit of advancing time and repeating war room money search thing over and over,but i'm lucky to get over 100 gold sometimes, and that is really poor amount cash.You can get herbs and ore too if you want or need, as those ores are used to make armor, and the newer ones are obviously better.

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Posted: 22nd April 2017 22:50

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I never used the horse in Inquisition. I tried for a little bit at first, and ran that course, then promptly forgot about him.

I liked the game in all - though Origins is my favourite - but I found that I couldn't play it twice. I didn't want to do all of those side quests again, there's just too much. I did enjoy the characters, gameplay and story.

I'm finding that I don't really care about the romances all that much. In Origins it was fine, in DA2, still fine, not really my main draw, but in this one I just lost interest. I also didn't like seeing that "so and so approves" or "so and so doesn't approve" thing on the side.

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Posted: 18th June 2017 14:37

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I never saw the appeal of mounts either. A large part of the Hinterlands was finding horses for the burgeoning army, which made the tacked-on feeling all the stranger. Even when you get different ones in the future (I think there's a zombie one, etc.), you're just so used to hoofing it normally its appeal is low. Maybe there are time-critical circumstances where it could be useful?

But yeah, even though the characters and story are all decent (in some cases, great), it can be a very overwhelming experience. You can't go ten steps without finding a quest NPC, or finding an item that's part of a quest you don't have yet, or OCD-ing for nearby plants you probably won't use.

Despite all the obvious faults the game has, I still enjoyed it more than Origins. I think the combat and witty repartees won me over. (Don't play Sera/Dorian/Varric parties unless you want lethal levels of snark!)

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