CoN 20th Anniversary: 1997-2017
My Final Fantasy Pictures from my Imgur

Posted: 1st February 2017 13:03

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This is Atma Weapon's last line of dialogue from FF6 before it attacks you. I was told by someone at RHDN that it says "Weak life forms, BEGONE"

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Edward. The Original Spoony Bard, REPRESENT

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...You know if you don't know who this is, it isn't really important to say so.

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My favorite things to game with, but watch out for 8bitDo Controllers...they are kind of flimsy. I wish I'd known before I bought it, it took forever to get here from Hong Kong.

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Here's the place I go to build up the Sprite's Magic Level in Secret of Mana. Nerd points if you can explain what's going on in this pic.

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Picture of a portable SNES clone, which also played NES carts, that I replaced with a Nintendo Wii after a while. The libraries are identical and VC is cheaper.

I think this forum will limit the images I can post, yes? I bet it will.

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X is blue.
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