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FF6 - The Series Capstone.

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Final Fantasy VI is an interesting find, indeed. I do not imagine many who purchased it not knowing FF or knowing what to expect from it after 2 (IV) was out on SNES were displeased in the least.

I'd read that FFIII was in production, but understood at some point that the numbering between continents got messed up, or something (I'd have this explained by a website years down the road). So when I saw EGM previews of FFIII for the first time, I remember thinking "Oh, so this is a different game that's being released here as 3. I wonder if it's 5? Well whatever, it looks colorful. Who's the green haired girl? It isn't Rydia. Locke seems like a nice update on the Thief class from FF1, he looks just like I would expect a pickpocket to look, this Edgar guy's tools look Who's Shadow?"

I got it for Christmas of 94 or 5 or something. I had played it previously at a friends house, the Doma Plains after the Imperial Camp section. He did not know that he was supposed to go to the Phantom Forest, this friend had a bad habit of not reading the onscreen instructions. I did not know what was coming next, but I don't really recall if we continued through to the end of the Phantom Train right then, or if we got killed in the boss fight, or something. I recall having read the instructions and told my friend that Pummel was not the only Blitz (we'd played a lot of SF2 over the years), and he was impressed that I figured that out, he'd said.

Anyway, when I finally got it, I sucked it up and said "screw using a guide. I got this."

I did pretty well up to a point. I don't know what my answers were the first time I did the imperial banquet, but I believe I went to the Toys R Us and looked it up one day (I had a habit of sneaking info from guides there. I'd ride my bike up to the mall and back just to get a cheat code sometimes. I had a pretty good memory as a kid biggrin.gif ).

Anyhow, i continued without a guide, cuz even when I looked up the answers to stuff in the guide, I decided I did not want to know what was coming next. I chose not to spoil the game for myself...I'm pretty sure that's the way it was.

This had one unfortunate side effect; I entered into the Floating Continent without any foreknowledge of what was coming. When I saw that, I saw it blind. I kind of expected that this would be where we beat Kefka and Gestahl will use the Statues' power to like, take over the world, or something.

When that lightning bolt hits Gestahl, there is a little light that goes off deep in an immersed first-time FF6 players' heart. Hole. Lee. Crap.

I just couldn't believe it was happening when it did. The villain is...wait, that guy was the villain! His own henchman just killed him! And his henchman is...


Uh. Uh. Uh.


And to top it all off, I had no idea where the ground was going to crack, no idea what I'd done with my Sprint Shoes (I think i sold them and said "I'll walk for the extra relic slot").

You tell me where you think I'm going with this.

Yeah, uh, I got the guide when Springtime came, and it was like getting a letter from the army saying your friend died or something. Shadow cannot be brought back if you jump before the 5 second mark. I jumped exactly before I should have, I'm talking literally nanoseconds before Shadow would have arrived.

The timer had just ticked 5 when I jumped. I was not happy.

Shadow is a troubling character. He is clearly a cutthroat who employs an animal as a weapon, and is stated to be up for bidding to either side of the war. Those people are such human vermin.

Yet, even if you don't piece together his backstory, Shadow is nothing if not quiet and polite. He never says a mean word to anyone except the first time you meet him. Something to the effect of "The dog eats strangers." It can, at any rate, be taken as a thing that a responsible attack dog owner would say.

Shadow may be a turncoat, a traitor, but he is honest and nice about it. He isn't a braggart. He isn't given to fits of temper. He isn't mean or abusive towards his enemies. He isn't a mocker. He isn't anything but one thing; too quiet and never around.

Is Shadow shy just because of his past, or is this some character trait that he has always possessed. Could he have been a shy kid? Maybe that's why he wears a mask.

At any rate, your control of your panic reaction is tested at the halfway point of the game, and if you panic, you will be unable to recruit Shadow in the second half. It is a kind of stark statement for any media or work to make; some people simply vanish sometimes. There is no scene, they leave no trace of themselves, and you never find out where they went.

It's a sad thing, but a heart that hurts is a heart that beats I guess. General opinion seems to regard sadness as some flavor of the moment, the realm of emo punk goth makeup people and doe eyed piano pop princesses.

Sadness is a human state that is necessary to cause a person to rest when they have experienced too much pain to continue their life without damaging their body, or at least, it seems that way to me. Shadow's story is sad, and even if you save him, he really never gets any fair shake in the story at all.

I like Shadow a lot. Why is FF6 so mean to him?

As to the rest of the game, it became clear to me that there was little overarching plot anymore except getting everyone back and killing the shit out of that assclown.

I was ok with that.

10/10 bout to play again.

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Shadow is a complicated character and can be rather overpowered especially early game in the world of balance which i why i suspect they kept him only available temporarily until after the big boom.

I always felt Shadow was hiding from his past as he was unable to bring himself to face it.

His being able to use the memento ring was a blink.gif moment as it was clear he had to be Relm's daddy.

I have always wished he revealed his true identity to her.

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At one point I partially blamed Shadow for the destruction of the WoB with his moving of the statues. In time that passed, because if he hadn’t then the party you use on the Floating Continent would’ve been toast. That would’ve made for an interesting WoR - being able to choose which 3 (or 4) characters plus Shadow would’ve been unusable - but it’s better the way it is.
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