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Stat manipulation notes dump

Posted: 3rd October 2016 09:34

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Jotting down notes so I'm not going through the math every time, probably doesn't make much sense by itself.

SprBonus gain to reach 50 Spirit at Lv 99 without wastage:

Zidane: 318 Also 576 SpdBonus will max out Speed.
Dagger: 510
Vivi: 446
Steiner: 382
Freya: 350
Quina: 702
Eiko: 478
Amarant: 574

For characters that join for the first time higher than Lv 1, subtract 1 from their join level and add to the number to reach the true requirement. Also, Eiko inherits any gains from Marcus.


Zidane: Easy to max Spirit without deliberately trying
Vivi: Has the Holy Miter + Robe of Lords combo available
Dagger, Eiko, Freya: Pearl Rogue for every level up is overkill. Especially for the mages with access to Holy Miter and Robe of Lords. Freya likes as many level ups as possible with the Baratte. Dagger and Eiko like a Ribbon.
Steiner: Defender is the only stat boosting weapon so easy when trying. 64 level ups with Defender and Maxamillian will produce max Spirit at 99 even with no gains from other equips (which is unlikely when playing normally)

Questions welcome.

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