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FFVI - Gameplay Progression (Spoilers!)

Posted: 10th August 2016 15:49

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Hey y'all, here's how I play FF6...for those who like reading.

First I set the Configuration to have the cursor remember its position.

Then I cast Fire Beam, Fire Beam, and Tech Missile in the first battle.

Then I kill all the things, and wait when I'm supposed to wait for Ymir to show itself.

Fire on all targets gets me through the short cave with Terra. I skip the mook battles in Locke's multi-battle thing, and I'm done with Narshe.

I try to get the Dark Wind/Leaf Bunny formation without triggering a battle with simply a leaf bunny. This behavior is a tic of mine; I try to limit the number of encounters that will appear on the veldt, while maximizing the monsters that will be available for Gau to learn. I don't always do it, but if I were playing seriously, I would even save scumm to get proper formations that feature multiple enemies, over formations that have enemies appearing alone. Leaf Bunny/Dark Wind and Sand Ray/Alacran are the two I try to get before going to Figaro Castle.

Figaro Castle is a very simple and hand holdy place, but I buy the Bio Blaster and the Noise Blaster from the tool shop. Lots of dialogue that I will still have memorized when senility sets in. There are some consumable healing items in the Item and Tool Shops, and a Phoenix Down.

Once the Magitek Armors are down, and Kefka has had his intro, it's into Figaro Cave. This place is a little awkward to get all the monsters in, and usually requires a few tries to get Faux Pas to appear, but it's the only time these monsters will be available. I know that some people just say "screw the veldt" but I have been playing this game for a long time.

South Figaro is where I stop to grind, but it's not entirely by choice; the Mithril Claw is a stealable item from the Beelemodon enemy, and it takes a bit of time for Locke's level to increase enough to where he stops failing to steal anything, much less the amount of time it takes for the rare item to show up. I mean, once or twice in a blue moon, I can steal a Mithril Claw right out of the gate, but man, it just usually takes a while.

South Figaro has goodies all over the place, but I usually leave 'em for the World of Ruin, for the most part. It's another one of those "goodies that get better if you leave em" things that I forgot to mention in Narshe and Figaro Cave. biggrin.gif Organization!

But buying weapons and armor here is cheap, helpful for the rest of the game up to the Battle of Narshe, and you are given quite a bit of money to work with at the start of FF6, as opposed to other FF's.

Mount Kolts isn't super hard, but if you didn't bring Potions you can run out of MP and be screwed. Also, Vargas is a difficult fight if you're too low of a level...I'd say if you got around 200 HP on your weakest character, you're alright, but them Gale Cuts are not to be trifled with if you only got around 150 hp. Also, Vargas can attack twice, something you don't see enemies do very often at this stage of the game, and indeed isn't very common in the game at all...not as common as in FF4, anyway. Aligators...

The Returner Hideout is also very dialogue-heavy and hand-holdy, but the treasures here are your first real dose of free stuff that won't change into other better stuff later, so yeowza. I unequip Locke almost immediately upon arriving here, as he will leave the party soon...

I usually say "No" once, go up and talk to the dude in the very northernmost storeroom, get the Genji Glove, then go back and say "Yes," because I like how the dialogue in the meeting scene sets up the story and just, I dunno, the way it feels to have the meeting interrupted the way it does. I guess you could call it another tic of mine when playing FF6.

Lete River isn't anything to get emotional about, until Ultros shows his big fat face up. If you aren't prepared to cast Pray every round with Banon, and your level is too low, the game can screw you at this point, if you haven't yet figured out that Save Points are everywhere, and as the Lete River drives home very hard. "Want a save point? Here's a save point. You sure you don't wanna save?" biggrin.gif

The Scenarios...

Uh, later when I feel like typing more? I literally don't know why I'm doing this.

X is blue.
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