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Re-translation of FFVII

Posted: 2nd June 2015 22:53

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Anybody else seen this? I wondered what thoughts were on the amendments/renamings?

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Posted: 3rd June 2015 00:08

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I hinted at this recently, I loathed the dialogue and conversations in FFVII. It was very juvenile.

Whereas FFT has a translation that is hilarious, and lovable because of it (MASTER OF ALL SWORDS, CUT ENERGY, KNIGHT SWORD!) FF7's is inexcusable.

I'll try to read through it at some point. Because it (the story) had such a strong premise at the start of the game but just spiraled into a hot mess by the end of the game.

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Posted: 3rd June 2015 04:36

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I think that the translation is very clunky compared to many of the translations before and after it. Occasionally, FFIV is equally as bad, though I don't think it's entirely worth a full retranslation. I'll try to read it though and see how much of an improvement it is.

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