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Easy bosses

Posted: 24th September 2013 16:38

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Is it me?or is magus incredibly easy?

Dark matter may hurt, but he stops caring when he starts casting dark matter and doesn't change element, allowing you to spam whatever his elemental weakness is.

Tyranno:Tyranno with the heal beam is very very easy.Just keep your hp at around 200, and you will have no problem.I got around 400-450 hp.He just takes time and you will run out of mana.

The enemies around tyranno's lair also drop tons of mid ethers.

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Posted: 13th January 2014 23:12

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Magus was simple.
Easisest boss had got to be daltons little golem thingy on the blackbird
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Posted: 2nd February 2014 09:48

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I leveled up a bit in my first time playthroughs(getting older). So I didn't find it incredibly hard. The 'Zeal' family stands out as easy. Queen, Janus, Dalton. It's been too long but I'm sure there are others as easy. wink.gif

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