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Posted: 2nd April 2012 00:15
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So I have been playing the FFVI GBA game and I have reached the Magitech factory right after the opera. As I am running through here I noticed a pipe that I hadn't noticed before when I hap played this oh so long ago on the SNES. It lead to a Zypher cloak, and some other item I cared less about, but I find it great that I am still finding new things in this game even after so long.

EDIT: I also got pincered by flann something I didnt know could happen must be like 1:10000000000 chance of that...

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Posted: 3rd April 2012 02:33

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There are quite a few good items there. I think, near the end, there's a good sword, break blade, I think. That's the mark of a great game, that you can always find something new in it.

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