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Nu Glitch?

Posted: 18th January 2012 06:05
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I was training my characters in 65,000,000 AD at the Hunting Range, when suddenly it started raining. I immediately ran off to go find Nu, and just as I figured he was going to step back to avoid me, I still ran anyway and pushed A RIGHT as he was moving back. I saw the characters positioning themselves for battle (without the Nu even there) and then some weird flashing effect along with a monster sound effect. Then I saw a message saying that I got 3 of each of the required materials to use for trading?

It was a pretty weird discovery. Has this happened to anyone else? I am playing it on the original Japanese Super Famicom cart, by the way.
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Posted: 19th July 2012 16:15
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Yes I just encountered the same glitch, on the PS version, As the rain stopped, Nu went back in to the forest, my party readied for battle, then a message popped up giving me the items. I'm actually disappointed it worked I didn't receive any Exp. or Tech points.
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