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The God Beowulf

Posted: 10th April 2011 14:47
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Hello all, I'm new here, I've been awake for about 60 hours, a large portion of which has been spent working on an FFT master file, the original version purchased through PSN. Anyways, I stumbled across a character setup that I don't recall ever reading about, so wanted to share it.
This setup will work for a variety of characters, but I've always found Beowulf's Magic Sword ability to be ridiculously fun, so I chose him over the other characters to fashion into a god.

So, for starters I have maxed Beowulf's Brave at 97 and Faith at 94, so his Magic Sword almost never misses and when he deigns to get his hands dirty his physical attack is as devastating as possible. For offensive abilities he has Magic Sword as well as the Samurai's Draw Out skill. These are augmented by Magic Attack UP, and for movement I tend to go with Move +3, but it could be swapped out for Teleport or something else if preferred.
For equipment, he rocks the Chaos Blade to take full advantage of his Brave stat, the Grand Helmet because he can't use any headgear that ups his magic stat, and a Wizard Robe for its +2 bonus to magic.

So far, I know this doesn't look like anything to get excited about, this setup leaves him shy on HP and ridiculously vulnerable to magic. However, once you add a Feather Mantle for his accessory, the Escutcheon II shield, and the reaction ability Abandon, he becomes damn near invincible.

Here's the breakdown of this ridiculous combination:
As a Temple Knight Beowulf gets an automatic 14% evade rate against physical attacks from in front.
The Escutcheon II grants an additional 75% evade to physical attack from both front and sides.
The Feather Mantle has 40% physical evade on all sides.
Against magic, the Escutcheon provides 50% evade, the Feather Mantle another 30%.
The reaction ability Abandon doubles all of a character's evasion stats.

Add this all up, and what you get for physical evasion is 258% in front, 230% at the sides, and 80% in back. Magic evasion comes in at 160% on all sides.

Long story short, regardless of his maxed Faith stat, he is immune to enemy magic, and almost invulnerable to physical attacks as well, the only way he will take damage is if an enemy attacks from behind and manages to hit with a slim 20% chance. If you position Beowulf with his back to a wall surrounded by enemies they won't even bother trying to hit him, lol, leaving you free to walk into crowds to unleash devastating Samurai attacks or sit back and toy with enemies using status attacks.

I'll freely admit, I'm probably not the first person to discover this combination, but since I haven't seen it mentioned in any other walkthroughs or forums I've used I figured it was worth sharing. smile.gif Enjoy!
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Posted: 11th April 2011 17:25

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Depends on who you are fighting though. A summoner could kill him in one hit with a lesser summon, since they never miss (not even an option no matter what your evasion is) and your Beowulf's faith is so high. Also, some attacks like the Monks Earth Slash (shockwave on psp) or geomancy attacks are also never miss attacks. There are others, but I'm not sure on all of them. Also some one with concentration could probably get through even the most solid of physical evasions.

Also, other than the one mediator you fight (I believe its in Gollund) I'm not aware of any others. However, should you face a mediator, all that they'd have to do is raise your faith a bit and Beowulf would leave forever for "religous" reasons. My usual team consists of a summoner and mediator anyways, so in a straight up fight between teams, it wouldn't be hard to kill beowulf in the first set of turns.

If you really wanted an indestructible Beowulf, forget about magic. Drop his faith as close to zero as you can, give him everything you can for his evasion and max health, and focus on physical attacks that can take enemies out in one hit. Also add the Monk's Hamedo ability that allows you to evade an attack and immediately counter attack at the same time. With a high brave, it should work almost every time, and you can just walk him into the center of a battle and let the enemy get themselves killed off. With no faith, you won't have to worry about magic killing him either.

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Posted: 8th August 2011 00:52

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I couldn't possibly imagine a Beowulf without magic. =S

There's really no downside to high Brave (other than with poaching and treasure hunting), but unless you use Beowulf for physical combat with knight swords there's no need to amp up his Brave. 94 Faith is too high for my liking as well--his default Faith when he joins the party is sufficient for his magic abilities.

However, with all of the other characters who are much more suited to damage-dealing (Orlandu, Agrias, Meliadoul), there's no reason to turn Beowulf into a tank when he fills a very powerful niche (status ailments) perfectly.

Personally, I focus on magic power with Beowulf--either Summon Magic as a side-ability or change him into a Geomancer with Magic Sword. My favourite Beowulf set-up:

Job: Temple Knight
Action: Summon Magic
Reaction: Absorb Used MP (or) Abandon
Support: Half of MP
Move: Move +3 (or) Move - MP Up

Weapon: Rune Blade
Shield: Aegis Shield
Head: Crystal Helmet
Body: Wizard Robe
Accessory: Feather Mantle

Boosting Beowulf's magic power increases the chance of Magic Sword's success and amps up the power of his Summons. Absorb Used MP, Half of MP, and/or Move - MP Up are useful for prolonged battles (most won't have enemies with enough MP to make Aspil worthwhile). His equipment gives him satisfactory physical defense while protecting him from many magic abilities to compensate for his Faith.

You can make pretty much any character you want into a tank in FFT, which is the beauty of the game, but Beowulf played properly could easily take out or disable an enemy without ever getting close. =happy.gif=

Also add the Monk's Hamedo ability that allows you to evade an attack and immediately counter attack at the same time. With a high brave, it should work almost every time, and you can just walk him into the center of a battle and let the enemy get themselves killed off.

Hamedo only works against certain attacks (mainly standard attacks by human enemies). Many special abilities and monster attacks will bypass it, not to mention attacks from a distance. For avoiding physical damage, Blade Grasp with high Brave or Abandon with high evade-% are better alternatives.

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Posted: 23rd October 2015 22:44
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I find the only thing Beowulf needs to be godly is an increase in faith. Since he can keep his distance (and wield an Aegis Shield against magic attacks) and instantly disable enemies (Sleep and Petrify, in particular), he already has okay defense and great offense.

Beyond his base class, I just train him in Chemist. It's easy to access, auto-potion is a good defensive reaction ability, he can Hi-Ether himself (and Phoenix Down others if needed), and Maintenance is a fine support ability.

Beowulf's class is just so powerful I find extensive ability training a bit wasteful.
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Posted: 12th April 2016 15:33

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In the PSP/iOS Version it's easy to see how to use Beo. First things first, Master his Dark Knight-ish. Then, make sure he can crush down things. Second, Master all magic jobs left (Oracle and White Mage). With a Level 99 Beo with Mathematics and his Temple Skills you can crush the solo game. Since there's no Math in Multiplayer Mode, use Dark Knight skills as secondary action moves.

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