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Here is a My Little Pony (RPGMaker) parody of FF1.

Posted: 2nd December 2019 00:40

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MLP RPG1 - The Elements of Harmony  (by Nurse Dashie)

A simple, but very promising turn-based RPG with a lot of development behind it. A mockup and parody of Final Fantasy 1, including some of it's flaws.

Bas' Rating: Good - Give or take by 1 depending on your taste of JRPGs and Final Fantasy 1 in particular.

Age Rating: Basically the same as for Final Fantasy 1, with maybe slightly dark a bit later in the game, once the balloon is obtained (merely because of enemy textures). You will find some skeletons in general, some spells are called Death, but that's it basically. Around PG-13.

Playtime: Around 25h.

Bas' Short Review: Not too much to say here after having disclosed it is a parody of Final Fantasy 1. Expect a bit of grinding (albeit not too much IMHO), a sometimes hard difficulty, a bit of searching where to go next. I personally think it was a bit tiresome to gather the mane 6 together, but it wasn't too long anyways and prob better than FF1 version of "Take 4 heroes without personality and shut up".  I wish there would have been more accessories and non-consumable treasures before the last few dungeons, though.

Here is a link to a Final Fantasy 1 walkthrough which should 97% work for this game as well

Short Warning; Wait till you get all your ponies before purchasing any magic or you will need to purchase twice. Save game before getting into the first fight on the world map. And a tip, in the game folder you will find a worldmap image.

Screenshots (LOTS of them, data volume warning PLUS SPOILERS):
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My Little Pony RPG: The Elements of Harmony by NurseDashie - Game Jolt
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Sorry for just leaving the link here - you should be able to see and read all of it. Would be probably a HUGE pain to reformat everything for CON.
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Posted: 27th January 2020 17:03
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Thanks for sharing this, I really like it.

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Posted: 30th January 2020 00:26

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Sounds as if you already started playing. smile.gif

Nice that you enjoy it.

I see the dev regularly at his discord server.

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