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Zaghnol hunt steals + A general guide question

Posted: 20th May 2020 23:29

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The walkthrough page for the Festival of the Hunt mentions in the body text that the Zaghnol you encounter in the hunt has stealables, but the boss's info box itself says no stolen items. That should probably be fixed, as I ended up leaving CoN to find out what the items were. The items are Mythril Gloves and Needle Fork, btw.

While I'm posting, I have a general comment/question about the walthrough. Does it not give strategies for the bosses? I ran into trouble with the Black Waltz/Sea Lion fight, so of course I came to CoN to read up on it. I was surprised when there wasn't a paragraph under the boss's info box giving hints on how to fight it. I thought something must be wrong with the site so I tried two browsers and even looked at the source code to see if I was missing anything.

(My problem with the fight was a PS4 artifact: I somehow managed to get into auto battle, and couldn't figure how to turn it off. That's not something I'd expect CoN to cover, though.)

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