CoN 20th Anniversary: 1997-2017
Your Final Fantasy Story

Posted: 4th September 2017 14:20

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This thread coming back to life pointed out to me that I never crossposted the old CoNcast about this back in here - this topic inspired the episode.

I kinda miss CoNcast. sad.gif

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Posted: 4th September 2017 15:40

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I didn't know you guys had a podcast! I'm going to check that out (I realize it's old and not updated anymore).

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Posted: 7th September 2017 04:53

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Quote (laszlow @ 15th May 2013 16:50)
In case you missed it, you can listen to spoken versions of the FF stories of Rangers51, Tiddles, Death Penalty, and myself on the latest CoNcast episode here: shazam

It's cool. I remembered to crosspost it.

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Posted: 31st October 2017 17:29

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Well, it all started back in the 90ís. I had been a big fan of the Dragon Warrior series, and I had been renting DWIV for a month at a time, since I had the maps for all the caves and item lists from Nintendo Power and everything. Knowing this, the sleaze ball owner suggested I try FFMQ, which I did, but it did absolutely nothing for me. Later on that year I showed my friend DWIV, to which he said ďyuckĒ to the graphics and sound, and promptly showed my FFIII, and let me play as Player 2 on Sabin, and then Cyan since I didnít know any blitz commands. His mom wouldnít let me borrow it so that was the end of that until FFVII came out. Again, he let me play through part of climbing the office in Midgar, which was confusing for me. He loved it, blocky graphics and all. It didnít hook me.

A couple years later when I got better friends one of them let me borrow FFIII, as I remember liking it. I got through Mt. Kolts and then stopped playing after reaching the Returnerís hideout, as it looked the same and I thought it went to the same place I had come from (silly me). So with encouragement I kept going, and fell in love. Also first encountered the sketch bug then.

Fast forward to 2001-2. Said friend is in college, on a visit he mentions hoe a friend has X. I see the sending and some cloister of trials. Cool stuff. Now I have a reason to buy a PS2 instead of just food, gas and weed.

Probably the next year Iím in my second apartment, and own a PS2. I want III so I find out about Anthology. His may be where I first learned of esper stat bonuses. My friends make fun of Butzís name in V (fools). Iím now in love with V and the job class system. Enter X-2, more love. My friends canít see past the music, I get everyone to lvl 99 and a new game plus. Sometime after this I purchase Origins and the one with IV/CT. II is weird, the others make a small mark, but I get through them with some assistance from said fools as they grew up with I/IV. VI is still tops though to me. I get DQVIII with the XII demo - excitement, as DW is back on my life.

Now itís 2006 and I own a house and spend all my waking hours playing Rock Band and random FF games on the side. XII comes out, we put in 250+ hours, and jerk roommate goes through the lighthouse without me. I spend a Saturday killing Yiazmat. I purchase V, VII, and IX for PS3. IX rules.

A few years later, I hear of XIII. I buy it, and itís crap. Guess Iíll keep with the Rock Band love, since I invested thousands of dollars in it. I buy a copy of VIII, start it, ugly graphics, junctioning is weird but can see the potential, but sex would be nice. Maybe another time.

Enter 2013. Iím married, living in my wifeís trailer. Iím killing TunnelArmr as she tells me sheís pregnant. Yay, progeny. Hey, theyíre remaking X/X-2. Sweet, my jerk roommate took my PS2 earlier anyways and I sold my games/strategy guides because of said trailer move. I have an iPhone, and get I and V. Can you tell I like V?

Present day. I spend the second half of the summer playing XII:TZA because jobs rule damnit. While on vacation I bring my PS3 since I have a save game of VI, and start looking at various faqs, finding the Perfect Stat Challenge faq by Leviathan_Mist. And thatís where I am today - leveling up in yet dinosaur forest with plans to revisit the old FFs that I never completed solo. Iím playing through I on my phone, and will go through II, IV, VII, VIII, and XIII to say I beat them.
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Posted: 4th December 2017 09:19

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It's too long to list now. I will leave a link to my facebook notes. If you have a question or want to comment on them you can leave one. I'm now known as Master of Fantasies.


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