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The Temperamental Maths of the Level Up/Level Down

Posted: 15th January 2019 00:24

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First off, long time no see, folks. I was given a copy of FFT: WotL for Christmas this time around, so I’ve been enjoying that and all it comes with for a few weeks now. It’s been a fun ride reencountering all the joys I had playing the original, and now I’m just sort of grinding for job points and poaching monsters.

Obviously, that’s not what this thread is about, however. It’s about the Level Up/Level Down trick. Specifically, it’s about Agrias and the mathematics of figuring out how to know what to level her down and then up as. I know I could just level her down as a Dancer and level her back up as a Mime and she’d be more of a physical powerhouse than Orlandu is, but I did that sort of (what I’m going to call) “excessive” tactic nearly 20 years ago and it sucks the fun out of the game.

I want to make her a little bit better all around—on par with the other special characters—stronger, faster, a little more HP, a bit more MA, without sacrificing too much MP.

The problem is that I’m math-dumb—a product of not having taken a math class or done any math more complicated than tipping in nearly 20 years. Can someone explain to me how to do the maths to figure out what will happen (or approximate what will happen) if I take various approaches to leveling a character down as one (or more) jobs and up as others?

To give an example, if I de-level Agrias from 99 to 1 as a Dancer, then unless she spends time as a Mime going back up, she’s going to lose some MA (and she’s going to lose a crap-ton of MP in spite of the Dancer’s poor MP growth). I figure she’s got to spend time as a Mime to get HP, PA, and MA; a Ninja to get Spd and PA and to make sure the HP doesn’t get too crazy high; a Summoner to recoup the MP she’s going to lose through de-leveling and from the Mime’s absolute garbage MP growth.

Can someone help me figure out (approximately) what her stats would look like with different ratios of level-ups in those job classes? Like, what’s the minimum number of levels she’d need in Mime to offset the loss in MA from de-leveling? And from there, what’s the minimum number of levels she’d need in Summoner to offset the Mime’s garbage MP growth? And does it matter if she levels up Mime, then Summoner, then Ninja? Or would it be better to switch the order around to some other permutation of those jobs?
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Posted: 7th February 2019 08:14

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Found a resource that is relevant to your question:

Without crunching numbers myself, I'm leaning more towards starting with up Ninja/down Dancer first since that will result in a net gain for everything but MA. Mime next because it's required for MA growth. Down Dancer/up Summoner is best for MP though you will lose PA. HP and PA are easier stats to boost so it's something to take into account. Maybe could get away with one cycle of Summoner for every two of Ninja and Mime but that's just my estimate. Because the biggest gains are at low levels, best to do this at the lowest levels you can stand.
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