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Suggestions On Breathing New Life In Our CoN

Posted: 4th January 2023 21:39

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With the release of the Pixel Remasters which are the closest we may get to non fan localizations of Final Fantasy II and III. They are only graphics updates of the two with I'd hope quality of life to the targeting system in Final Fantasy II like on PS1. But yes it's about time we finished what we started moving past Final Fantasy VI including if no one has updating the section of the Celes opera scene with all lyric changes to versions up to Pixels Remaster with maybe a link to a video of the
Possible spoilers: highlight to view
new scene with vocals.
if not too big a spoiler. Final Fantasy VIII also has the new Remastered edition. Which the quality of life improvements should make some the more tedious aspects of exploration of the game to find every nook and cranny for a complete section in the site. Final Fantasy X this is where it gets complicated some like me see it as the first nail in leading up to the death of traditional Final Fantasy abandoning the traditional ATB which was introduced in IV but the visual ATB bar would not be seen till either V in Japan maybe if not VI and VI in America definitely as V wouldn't port till PS1. Also sections on Final Fantasy Adventure/Seiken Densetsu 1/Adventures of Mana, Secret Of Mana, Trials of Mana/Seiken Densetsu 3/Secret Of Mana 2 and finally as part of the big Square Enix renessaunce at the time Legend of Mana. Also Chrono Chross is a must as well as the newly localized Radical Dreamers. Finally Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and Secret Of Evermore. I think we have more expansion to be done before we die out as a community. I may be a relic here but don't want Caves of Narshe to be a relic of the internet like most sites I once mained.

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Posted: 5th January 2023 01:33

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I want to see CoN survive, too.

But the issue with your suggestions is that someone has to write/build all that content, and that's a lot of work. I know, because in past years I wrote a walkthrough for a game CoN doesn't cover, and it took a lot of effort. And it's still not done to my satisfaction, partially because I learned new things from watching speedrunners and partially because, well, other sites already covered some information I wasn't aware of.

That's not to say that we couldn't build our own versions of guides here, even if other sites have them covered. But we'd have to start from scratch, unless we got permission to mirror a guide that's already written and hosted elsewhere which is something I don't think would be very smart to do. A lot of us around these parts are quite busy these days with work and family, which makes working on more content difficult.

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Posted: 9th January 2023 19:41

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I just remember that "canonically" the staff hates FF8 so we'll see if this changes lol.

But probably the least amount of extra work, but still extra work, would be to incorporate changes from the newer remakes of FF4 (of which there are like 50 versions) and FF6 and FFT. And FF7 but that seems to have been changed even more extensively.

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Posted: 10th January 2023 16:11

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Quote (GMH)
I just remember that "canonically" the staff hates FF8 so we'll see if this changes lol.

I recently tried to do a stream of FF8 on the CoN twitch channel and ran out of steam just after disc 1. sleep.gif I think it was partially that it wasn't grabbing me that hard and also that I wasn't getting too much of an audience for it. And also that I'm naturally quite busy with things I enjoy doing more.

As for the OP, Althea's really got a handle on it and presents it quite nicely, probably better than I would myself or have in the past. I will agree that, yes, work and family impact all of the group who once did this work in the past, not least of which is me.

For what it's worth, I have a job building websites and have been in this job for almost fifteen years writing code day in, day out for 40-60 hours a week. Sitting down and doing the same thing in my free time now is a struggle when there's so much else I can be doing. For me, that includes taking and editing (and trying to sell) photos, coaching my tween daughter's soccer team, or even just playing video games myself.

In the OP, you listed twelve games that you think should be added to the site, as well as an implication that at least Final Fantasy VI should be updated to include Pixel Remaster content (and personally, I would think that implies that the other three games we already cover should be updated too). At a bare minimum, you're suggesting a 250% increase in game coverage over what has taken 20+ years to do so far. Where on earth do you think the labor for that would come from?

Unfortunately, CoN is a relic of a prior age of the internet. I keep it around because I appreciate and love that it's a relic. But those are also the same things that make it exceptionally difficult to keep moving forward, and those who participate in the community still surely must see the reasons why.

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Posted: 19th January 2023 13:48

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So I was a young preteen back when the older members of this site were on a Final Fantasy III AOL Message Board on Keyword VGA after Gamewiz shut down. At this point I am about to turn 38 have three children with one who just turned 18 last month.

I was the youngest on the board. So if I am getting old everyone running the site is way older than me. If anything this is a reflection of people who liked Final Fantasy way back on AOL as a hobby. I still have my old signature from way back from 2002.

I can’t see new life coming back into the site unless for some reason Square gets it self together to release Final Fantasy games people want to play. The scene way back in the late 90s and early 00s was intense in terms of Final Fantasy Sites but after FF12 when heart attack man hijacked the series to turn it into his failed world everyone left.

I know passionate people love Vagrant Story but the average person did not same with FF12 and it didn’t help zipperman spent almost a decade pushing the Mary sue lightening that no one liked.

The saving grace of the series has been FF14 but we shall see if FF16 brings back more people and with Yoshi P we might get that but it’s a wait and see to see if they give us what we want.

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