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Kupocon: Pomline

Posted: 8th April 2020 15:20

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Oh my goodness - SO late notice! Apologies, ahem...

"KupoCon is delighted to announce Pomline, an online KupoCon event to coincide with the launch of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. At a time where many of us are isolated, we want to bring everyone together digitally...

Attention citizens of Midgar. We are hosting a special FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE launch stream on April 9 with special guests, Britt Baron (Tifa), Briana White (Aerith), John Bentley (Barret) and Gideon Emery (Biggs). Join us! Click the link to find your local stream time:"

Spreading the word, it's a really cool community and if anyone sees this in time would be great to get you involved.

You may require an invite to join the Facebook group, I'm not quite sure how it's going to work at the moment. Please let me know on here if you have any difficulties

KUPO flag-red.gif flag-blue.gif flag-olly.gif !!

It's happening now! You missed Briana heart.gif but John Bentley (Barrett) is on next) smile.gif

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