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Same Problem as Before New Platform

Posted: 15th March 2018 16:47
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So I just bought this from the Google Play Store and have only made it to the Arris Dome. Here the Rat gave me a password of red, blue, and yellow to open the door to the next area. However I cannot get the colored touch screen panels (playing on a tablet) to show up long enough to enter the password. I also am using a Bluetooth Controller but still the game doesn't register that. It's only programmed to think the player is defaulting to the touch screen to play. Can anyone help? I've tried holding L, R, and pressing A, X, all different combos on my controller but nothing seems to work.
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Posted: 16th March 2018 01:56

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I know that was an issue with the DS version, or at least I seem to remember that being a problem. Maybe whatever solution there was for that would work here too? Or, maybe you might need to put the controller down and use the touch controls for this section specifically?

Or, maybe someone's resolved the issue on the new Windows version, which appears to be badly ported from the mobile version and might have the same issue with a controller, and you can use that idea instead.

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