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Triforce Quartet

Posted: 6th September 2019 19:04

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While at San Japan (A convention) this weekend, I had the pleasure of being badgered into going to a concert by a friend of mine. Okay, I wasn't badgered, I was very interested in going. This friend is their biggest fan. You chuckle, but I'm not kidding. She goes to all of their concerts because they only play at conventions, they know her by name and at this last con she had a friend steal their crummy hand drawn sign and take it to her because 1) she couldn't make it and 2) it was the only thing at their booth she hadn't bought yet. Lucky for her they found this hysterical when she posted the image of her cackling over her prize to their twitter.

I digress.

They are the Triforce Quartet.

World Class musicians that are die hard gamers with a deep and abiding love for gaming osts. Their cellist does all of their arrangements. I was astonished in the theater listening to them. During their Final Fantasy arrangement (which is 14 minutes long) I was moved to tears by the gut punch that was their version of Terra's theme. I'm a synesthetic..sue me...Music gets to me...They go from Cloud's theme right into Terra and I WASN'T READY!! and my friend would not stop asking me what was wrong nor matter how many times my husband told her I was fine and to just give me a tissue!



As gamers, we all enjoy the osts, to our favorite games. So, if you are so inclined, here is their youtube channel. I know I will now be chasing them down at cons from now on with my crazy friend. And yes, they did call me out on being the Zelda in the audience. x3

You can find more of them listed under their MAGfest performances.

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