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New Games! Goblins and Dogs!

Posted: 6th October 2017 03:48

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Ahoy folks! Some of you know that I create video games in my spare time. Lately I've been fixing them up and releasing them to the public. I have two that you can play. The first is a 2d platformer I made for my sister. She's going through some heavy stuff and I can't be with her, so I made a game where her dog can ride a motorcycle that shoots lightning at the president.

user posted image

My second game is an oldschool roguelike where you play as a goblin:

There's a let's play / tutorial video here

Finally, you can find both of their Github entries (if you're a Github user and want to help out with bug reports, etc) pinned at the top of my Github profile, and you can follow me on Twitter if you want to see more as I release it. Thanks for being awesome, folks! And if you have a good run, replay with the name of your goblin flag-olly.gif

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Posted: 13th November 2017 04:49

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Haven't had a chance to try the goblin game, but the first one plays smooth and is quite endearing. Very reminiscent of Super Mario 2 (which was my favourite for the longest time until I came to my senses). Obviously, I was the dog.
Great work, though! I hope your sister got where she needed with it. A beautiful gesture, to be sure!

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