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Posted by: AltheaValara 4th February 2019 18:58
I'm having a repeated issue where the front page of the site (while logged in) says there is 1 new post in the forum, but when I click the 1, an error page comes up saying no new posts have been found. Going to the forum directly and scanning the last post date confirms there are no new posts.

I'm guessing this is happening due to spam that's been deleted before I can read it. Thought I'd mention it. It's a bit disappointing to get excited about new posts only to discover there are none.

Posted by: Rangers51 4th February 2019 21:37
You think it's disappointing for you, try being me! smile.gif

You have the main gist of the issue correct. They're spam posts that are being caught and put into the moderation queue before they can show publicly. I noticed the issue myself over the weekend but I suspect it should be something I can minimize.

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